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The Pregnancy Accelerator Coaching Program has helped hundreds of women, just like you from all over the world, to conceive and have the family of their dreams.

Dr Fiona Tassoni is a Registered Doctor of Chinese Medicine Specializing in Fertility, has a Masters Degree in Chinese Herbal Medicine and has been working with fertility clients globally since 2001 and has completed over 32,000 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinical hours.

We know you will learn a wealth of important fertility and TCM information in the video training and more importantly, your private one-on-one Zoom Coaching, directly with Dr Fiona Tassoni, will prove to be inspiring if not life changing for you and your partner.

Dr Tassoni will actually prepare your body, mind and emotions and get them ready for conception. Something few modern day doctors actually do.

Dr Fiona Tassoni is here to help you and your partner conceive. That is her only mission!

Refund Policy.​ Due to the complex personalized diagnoses and medical nature of the Coaching Program with Dr Fiona Tassoni, which is customized for each patient and partner, a no refund policy applies.

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